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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Pot calls kettle black: pt2

Case 2
Same shift as earlier. I've just met my friend, who needed to borrow my super-fat ADSL connection for the evening. I gave her my keys, and she drove off.

A couple of minutes later, i'm issuing to a dark-blue Avensis outside the bookies. It has an long-overdue ticket, which i suspect won't be renewed until the owner unsticks his eyes from the racing results monitors. My mobile rings, and my friend says she's on her way back with my keys; she doesn't need my net connection after all. I say "cool" and get back to my ticket.

It's raining so hard, that i'm huddling over the pocket-book to keep the pages from ripping, and the pen from seizing up. My friend pulls up in front of the Avensis in her Renault and honks. I shout that i'm nearly done, finish pocketbook, print the ticket, and note down the ticket number. As i am about to place the ticket in the envelope, the owner comes out of nowhere and goes straight to the door of the car, jumping in an starting the engine without even closing the door again - no convo...he's planning a runner! As he's done all of this, i've already put the ticket on the windscreen and stood off in a nearby alcove to finish my notes.

I then go to my friend's car (in front of his) and get my keys back through the window. He jumps out of the car screaming: "You got her to block me in! You did it on purpose!" I just look at him, trying to understand his point. "I'd have driven off if you didn't get her to block me in! I'm gonna to report you!"

I laugh, and ask him how he suggests i managed such a thing. By now he's standing pretty close, and scribbling my shoulder number and her registration number down on his ticket. "I'm gonna complain. That's wrong! You shouldn't do that!"

At that point, i get quite firm - trying to snap him back into reality. "How, do you suggest i managed to get her here to block you in so quickly? Look at me! Does it seem likely that i have a team of drivers on-call for situations such as this? Hmmm?! You were an hour late back to your car, and you want to blame everybody else, except yourself, for getting a ticket. Does that seem rational to you?"

He just stands there, with rain dripping off his face...absolutely stunned. For a few seconds he considers the possibility that he might actually be wrong, and then reverts to: "B..But she was in front of me." I laugh again, and say that he has everything he needs to appeal, but that he should try and reason the situation out later.

It's strange how guilty people react to situations in which they are caught red-handed. I am sure that those who try to divert responsibility away from themselves in parking situations, must do the same in other situations too. I'm studying for a law degree, so i guess i'm likely - in conjunction with my natural tendencies - to end up being a 'it weren't me, guv' kinda guy. All things being equal, it seems that the difference between the dishonest (and often rude) 'but i was only there for 2 minutes' drivers, and those who accept their punishment gracefully is the ability to take responsibility for their actions; which is why certain groups of individuals are the worst - and often the scariest - people to give tickets to. Some people just have no respect for the law-enforcers.


Blogger Bill Sticker said...

"I was only..."
"I wasn't going to.."
"I've only been here two minutes.."

Of course I believe, all PA's are credulous as hell.

Sometimes the pathos cracks me up.



9/11/05 22:00  
Blogger themisterman said...

v. true. I wonder how they react if i was to reply - DeNiro-like - to the next person who drops one of these lines:

"Do i look sympathetic to you?"

(Or, even better - a thick African accent!)

14/11/05 17:38  
Blogger Merys said...

I must be too good when parking, cos I've never ever had a ticket., But then again, our PA only works 3 days a week, and the entire county knows when they are! Nice blog btw

20/11/05 22:15  
Blogger Aginoth said...

Enjoying your much in fact I have linked to you from mine. :o)

22/11/05 12:38  
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Blogger Aginoth said...


Just to let you know James is Legit, a lot of us support his research

22/11/05 20:14  
Blogger Lennie Briscoe said...

Anger is a natural reaction to pointing out a wrong. I get it all the time when I ask why that person is shouting and screaming in the street, or why the wheelie bin was kicked over. The problem with parking violations is that its park of the law that no-one likes, the health and safty part....

Did you placate your friend after she had her reg number taken down?

22/4/06 17:15  
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